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20 Employers Who Can Save Employees an Average of $4500+ in Health Insurance

Employers in Massachusetts and other States can save employees significant money on health insurance simply by getting out of the way. During this time of the pandemic many people are hurting and this could really help. Many employers don’t know how they can save because they haven’t been presented the option. Here are some numbers comparing group health insurance to individual health insurance for 20 New England employers. I actually had one employer who could save a $45,000 salary employee $10,000 in employee health insurance contributions but said, “I want to take care of my employees” and didn’t move their health insurance preventing the employee from saving the money. I wonder what the employee would think, if she knew. I think we need to redefine what “taking care of one’s employees” means.

Employers are unknowingly charging their employees more money than needed simply by running their health insurance program the same way they always have. There are alternatives that are not being shown to employers. And many employers are not applying some different thinking to their employee benefits program. Old thinking may be costing employees significant money.

Here is data from 20 companies I have worked on that show significant savings for employees. The alternative plans are all within a $1000 deductible of current. But heck, for $4000 in savings I can pay the $1000 and go to any doctor I would want.

Employers who want to check if they can save money can call me at 508-498-7591.

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