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Affordable End-to-End ICHRA

The Affordable ICHRA

While many other firms are charging $10 - $20 per employee per month n4one is providing ICHRA's for as little as $4.50 PEPM. How do we do it? Call to ask. 



Many are focused on how the administration is handled just from their perspective. Our 20 years' experience in working with HR and Payroll systems gives us a unique perspective. We know how things work on the client side. How does the employer handle payroll deductions? How do they do the reporting? What happens when someone quits? Balls are often dropped everywhere because of a "disconnected" process. We make sure things work from end-to-end.

Pay All Carriers

We make sure payments are made to any carrier an employee may choose. 



We not only help the employer and employee when someone is employed but also when an employee may leave. We ensure the employee maintains coverage if desired.

Payroll Integration

The payroll system knows when someone is hired and terminated. We manage the integration with the true source of data, the payroll system. We also make sure the proper payroll deductions are taking place. 

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