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The Einstein Group
Our Benefits Analysts Team

When you hire a Benefits Broker how do you know whether you got the best salesperson or the smartest and unbiased benefits analyst?


At Nfor1 we pride ourselves on being the smartest in the business. Our sales staff and analysts aren't the same people.

The Einstein Group Provides Intelligent and Unbiased Analysis

They Love Numbers

Our Analysts love numbers. They aren't salepeople. They are the geeks who pride themselves on on finding creative ways to solve a problem.


They are totally unbiased. They don't know commission schedules or are aware of some insurance company is paying some bonus.

Educated and intelligent

With Health care and benefits costs being so costly to employers and employee we think it is important to put the brightest minds n the position toprovide detailed analysis and advice. 

All Options are on the Table 

We consider every possible funding option there is 

And we back-up the numbers with credible data

  • Fully Insured

  • Self-funded

  • Level-funded

  • Captives

  • High-Deductible Plans

  • ICHRA's

  • Providing Cash 

  • HRA's

  • HSA's 

  • Referenced-based Pricing

  • and more

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