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Precision Benefits Program

nfor1 Precision Benefits Program and Platform

What are Precision Benefits?


We believe the one size-fits-all nature of today’s employee benefits programs are not meeting the needs of a dynamically changing workforce who are coming to work with more stress, impacting employee productivity and happiness. A Precision Benefits program allows employers provide employees with a monthly stipend and allows employees to allocate those dollars and additional employee funds through payroll deduction to purchase the programs that fits each employee's need.

According to the TIAA Institute a full half of sampled employees make mistakes choosing health insurance costing at least $1,350 a year, and 25% make mistakes costing over $2,000 …  the mistakes exceed 2% of pretax salary for over half of the sample, 3% of pretax salary for a third, and 4% for a fifth.

Broad Product Service Offerings

  • The Precision Benefits Program provides products and services in the following categories:

  • Insurance Products – Health, Dental, Life, Disability Insurance

  • Financial Fitness – Budgeting, College Planning, College Debt Repayment, ID Theft Protection and more

  • Physical Fitness – Services and Apps for exercise, nutrition, and more

  • Health Care – Apps for direct-to-consumer health, healthcare navigation, health care tools

  • Emotional Fitness – Smoking cessation, stress, sleep,

  • Other – Employee discount programs,  

3D Pyramid

Keys to Precision Benefits

A major problem in the U.S. is having too many benefits tied to a job. As a result, changing or losing a job can be very disruptive. To provide employees “peace of mind” and less disruption we promote the following:

  • Personal - The broad nature of the product enables employees to pick a program that meets their specific needs.

  • Private - Employees don’t want their employers to know what issue they are struggling with in their lives. Outsourcing can guarantee privacy.

  • Portable – Employees would prefer to invest their time into programs that don’t turn off when they quit employment with that employer. With Employeaze the individual can pay direct and continue any program.

Lower Costs – Employers and their employees will be getting the prices of larger employers. They would not be able to get the same prices going direct to the vendors.

HR/Payroll Integration - The Employeaze system will also be integrated with the major HR/Payroll systems. These are the systems that have the employee data and they are the ones employees log into more frequently. n4One HR and Benefits will be integrating with all the leading vendors including ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, Ceridian, Kronos, bswift, Employee Navigator, and more.

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